What you need to know about Podcasting

Technology seems to give something new every time. Recently, a technology known as podcasting was introduced. Today, it is widely used by many people around the world. Some people use it although they do not understand what it really is. This article seeks to explain all about podcasting.

Podcasting overview
The word podcasting is achieved from the blending of two words: iPod and broadcasting. There is something surprising about the word. Its definition is completely different from broadcasting. Additionally, one does not require an iPod to use it. In definition, it is the production and transmission of multimedia files to personal computers and digital devices. This is done through internet with the use of Atom syndication or RSS media.

Unlike in broadcasting, the listener has control over time and place of podcast show. This makes it convenient to work with. In addition, the software is widely available. Thus, it is accessible and used by many people. An example of such software is iTunes. The software has many good features. One of these is that it allows the listener to find content view before listening. The listener can also set how and the time the content will be delivered.

History of podcasting
The existence of podcasting came not very long ago. The idea of having it arose in the year 2000. This was brought about by two famous people. A broadcasting celebrity and a popular author requested a co-founder of RSS to come up with it. They proposed for there to be a new way of transmitting multimedia files using the RSS feeds.

In 2003 a podcasting experimenter developed this possibility. He illustrated how the downloading of RSS to iTunes by script could be done. The result was then to be conformed onto iPod. After this, people started using the idea on various things. Among the people were entrepreneurs, bloggers and broadcasters. Ever since, podcasting has continued to become more popular.

Popular podcasts
Over the years the number of podcasts has tremendously increased. All these can be categorized under various categories. Some of these are health, sports and music. Below are some examples of popular podcasts:
TED Talks- This is a very famous podcast. It mainly involves talks about humanity. People across the world are given some minutes to air their talks related to the subject. Many people like it. This is because it very interesting and a source of humanity knowledge.
The American Life- This is another interesting podcast. It is basically meant for people in USA. The host of the podcast is known as Ira Glass. He collects stories around a certain theme on a weekly basis. One of its latest themes was ‘parasites living in the body.’

The Moth- In this podcast, people tell their stories. Each person is given a short duration for narration.

In conclusion, podcasting has become a very important thing to the society. There are various things that could support its importance. One of it is the improvement of social life. This has been made possible through interaction of people both in video and audio.

Podcasts are popular with people around the world. You can stay in touch with the world when you travel with wi-fi easily available every where.
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